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NingPo Mah Jong for OS X
1:00p EST
John Krane

Pyrogon is pleased to announce the release of NingPo Mah
Jong for OS X!

Check it out!

Super Fruit Frolic Released!
8:00a PST
John Krane

Fruity fun for everyone! Use your fruit shooter to make combinations of 3 or more fruit! Three different game modes, great music and lively animations make for fruit frolicking fun!

Check it out!

NingPo Mah Jong for Linux
5 :12p PST
John Krane

After a long wait, NingPo Mah Jong for Linux is finally out! We'd like to thank our loyal Linux users for their patience and feedback, and we hope the wait was worth it!

Check it out!

CurmudgeonGamer Interview
10:54a PST
John Krane

Pyrogon co-founder Brian Hook interviewed by CurmudgeonGamer!

Read the online interview

Letter Linker for OS X
11:50a PST
John Krane

Letter Linker for OS X has been launched by our partners at!

Check it out

Candy Cruncher for PalmOS
9:00a PST
John Krane

Pyrogon is pleased to announce that Candy Cruncher for PalmOS is now available from our partners at AstraWare!

Check it out

Candy Cruncher 1.50 for Linux
9:00a PST
John Krane

Candy Cruncher 1.50 for Linux has just been released!

Check it out

NingPo Mah Jong Released!
9:00a PST
John Krane
Pyrogon is pleased to announce the release of NingPo Mah Jong, our take on the classic tile matching game! Our buddies at PopCap Games ( are handling the distribution and marketing of NingPo, so be sure to head over to their site and download the demo for Windows! Linux, MacOS and OS X versions will be following soon!

More Information!

Candy Cruncher for Zaurus Released!
7:00p PST
John Krane
Candy Cruncher is now available for your Linux based PDA! Pyrogon is pleased to announced that Candy Cruncher for Zaurus is available immediately.

Download the latest Zaurus version

Candy Cruncher 1.50 Released
6:00p PST
John Krane
Pyrogon has just released version 1.50 of Candy Cruncher! An integrated tutorial, better compatibility, more challenging times, more candies, and better performance are just some of the improvements we've made!

And, of course, the upgrade is free for existing users!

Download the latest Windows version

Updated versions for Mac OS X and Linux/x86 will be released soon!

False Virus Update
3:30p PST
John Krane
We have heard reports that the latest virus definitions database for Norton fixes the spurious "backdoor trojan" alert with Candy Cruncher's Uninstal.exe. If you are receiving this warning from Norton Antivirus, please download the latest set of virus definitions from Norton and the problem should go away. We have switched to a different installation program in the hopes that this problem will not occur in the future.

Thanks for your patience.

False Virus Alert!
9:30a PST
John Krane
On March 15, 2002 Symantec/Norton released a new version of their anti-virus product updates, and unfortunately these versions INCORRECTLY report that our uninstaller has a virus or trojan horse in it. This is NOT the case, and the warning can be ignored. The root cause of the problem is that the uninstaller created during installation coincidentally had a "signature" that resembled that of a virus. This is PURELY coincidence. The makers of our installation program, Click Team, are aware of this, and Norton/Symantec are also aware of this problem. They should be updating their virus databases to reflect this. We apologize for any confusion and alarm that may have arisen from this.

This only affects users of the Microsoft Windows operating system using Symantec's Norton Antivirus software.

Candy Cruncher Available for Linux!
1:00p PST
John Krane
Hot on the heels of the OS X version of Candy Cruncher, Pyrogon has released Candy Cruncher for Linux/x86!  View the system requirements and download the demo.

While we recognize that the Linux market isn't nearly as large as that of more mainstream desktop operating systems, we feel it's an under-served market that should demand more attention from game developers, and we hope that our small contribution will encourage other developers to support the Linux platform.

Candy Cruncher 1.21 Released
1:00p PST
John Krane
A slightly newer version of Candy Cruncher that provides some minor bug fixes has been released. Registered users of earlier versions of Candy Cruncher for Windows can upgrade for FREE using our updater. Registered users of Candy Cruncher for Mac OS X can contact us and we'll send you instructions on how to download the new version.

And for those of you curious about the Candy Cruncher experience, be sure to check out the FREE demo!

Candy Cruncher 1.15 Released, Supports OS X
9:00a PST
John Krane
A new version of Candy Cruncher has been released, and the big news is that it supports Mac OS X!  Along with a couple new features, Candy Cruncher has been optimized, sped up, and made more reliable.  Some of the changes include:
  • bonus for starting at later levels!
  • reduced CPU utilization when paused!
  • faster load times!
  • options screen no longer restarts game in registered version!
  • compatibility enhancements and performance optimizations!
Registered users of Candy Cruncher 1.053 or Candy Cruncher 1.10 can upgrade for FREE using our updater.  Everyone else should check out the FREE Candy Cruncher demo.

Candy Cruncher 1.10 Released
2:50p PST
John Krane
The latest version of Candy Cruncher for Windows has been launched, and it offers a wealth of new features for your crunching fun! Lots of new features, tweaks, and customer requests have been implemented:
  • choose your starting level!
  • new sounds!
  • RESTART button!
  • visible progress bar when loading!
  • increased time for the first two levels!
  • bonus points for remaining time!
  • time remaining bonus!
  • full featured options menu!
  • mute sound and music independently!
  • disable the alarm sound!
  • smaller size
  • many other minor bug fixes and enhancements!
Registered users of Candy Cruncher 1.05.3 can upgrade for FREE using our updater. For those of you interested in what the excitement is all about, check out the FREE Candy Cruncher demo.

Stellar Deep page updated
10:30a PST
John Krane
Check out the initial product information [link temporarily removed] for Stellar Deep! launches!
4:30p PST
John Krane
Pyrogon finally opened its doors for business with the launch of its website at!  Be sure to check out our first game, Candy Cruncher, and be sure to drop us a line in our Message Forums.  Stay tuned for more upcoming games from Pyrogon!

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