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Candy Cruncher for Zaurus!

Candy Cruncher is now available for your Linux based PDA! Pyrogon is pleased to announced that Candy Cruncher for Zaurus is available immediately.


Zaurus Demo Download: CandyCruncher_Zaurus.ipk (905KB, v1.50)
System Requirements
Sharp Zaurus SL-5000D or SL-5500 series running Qtopia. Other devices running Linux with Qtopia or OPIE should work but aren't supported.
Installation Instructions: Copy the IPK file either to a compact flash card (/mnt/cf), a secure digital card (/mnt/card) or to /home/root/Documents. Start the Add/Remove Software application and select Install Packages. If Candy Cruncher isn't listed here, make sure the IPK is present in one of the above locations. If you are installing Candy Cruncher to external storage (CF or SD/MMC) make sure that you have enough space in the internal storage to fix Candy Cruncher. Otherwise the installation will fail, sometimes without any errors.

After installation, Qtopia should restart automatically and the Candy Cruncher launcher icon should be present in the Games tab. If the game icon is there, but nothing happens when you press it, you might have run out of temporary storage (internal storage) when installing. If this happens, uninstall the gamed and clear up some internal storage and repeat the process.

Note: If you are upgrading from a previous version, you first must uninstall the old version. Highscores will not be lost if you do this.

Purchase the full version of Candy Cruncher for Zaurus online for the special sale price of just $9.95

Purchase Candy Cruncher
for Zaurus



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