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Buy it now!

Candy Cruncher for Linux!

Pyrogon is pleased to announce that Candy Cruncher is now available for Linux!  Now you Linux users can experience what your Windows and Mac friends have been raving about with Candy Cruncher for Linux v1.50.  Available for purchase online for only $14.95.  Buy it now!


Linux Demo Download: candycruncher-linux-demo.bin (4.2MB, v1.50)
System Requirements
OS: Linux kernel 2.2 or later with glibc 2.1 or
later. Unix variants with a Linux binary compatibility layer, such as FreeBSD, may be suitable, but are unsupported. The installation should be independent of distribution, user interface, and package manager

CPU: Pentium/166MHz or better


GRAPHICS: XFree86 4.0 or later recommended. Other targets such as XFree86 3.3 and fbcon may be suitable, but are unsupported. Candy Cruncher is best played on a 16-bit, local display, but should be able to run on any target supported by Simple DirectMedia Layer (

SOUND: Direct access to /dev/dsp is recommended. Other targets such as esd and artsd may be suitable, but are unsupported. Candy Cruncher should be able to output sound by any means supported by Simple DirectMedia Layer

Installation Instructions: To install Candy Cruncher for Linux, download the file using the link at the bottom of this page. After downloading the file, execute the following at your command prompt (terminal):

sh /where/i/put/the/archive/candycruncher-linux-demo.bin

An installer will take you through the rest of the steps, such as where to install it, viewing the README, and accepting the EULA.

The game can be installed as root for system-wide use (although registration keys are stored separately, so multiple Unix accounts can legally use the same installed copy in theory), in which case the recommended installation dir is /usr/local/games. If superuser access isn't available, the game can be installed in your home directory or elsewhere at your discretion.

If you use Gnome or KDE, the installer can optionally install an icon in your start menu. A symbolic link to the game may be optionally installed in the user's path, as well, so that the game may be started from the command prompt by typing:


(or candycruncher_demo, as appropriate)

To uninstall Candy Cruncher, from a command prompt, run:


This will remove the game files and any symbolic links and icons that were installed. The game settings and registration keys that might have been stored are not removed from the system, in case you wish to reinstall it later. That information is stored in $HOME/.pyrogon/, if you wish to remove it manually.

Purchase the full version of Candy Cruncher for Linux online for just $14.95

Purchase Candy Cruncher
for Linux



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