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Pyrogon was founded in 2000 by game industry veteran Brian Hook to pursue a single vision -- have fun making games. In early 2001 he was joined by Rosie Cosgrove, then art director at Sony On-line Entertainment/Verant Interactive, and together they've charted a vision for game development that is risky but, hopefully, also rewarding.

Game development today is an expensive, tiring, unprofitable, and unoriginal affair. It seems that every new game is a multi-million dollar, multi-year, over-hyped rehash of an existing game. System requirements, complexity and cost spiral out of control, while attracting fewer and fewer players.

We believe in making games that are inexpensive, easy to learn, and appealing to more than just the hardcore player. By targeting key underserved markets such as older systems with modest hardware, casual gamers that are turned off by the excessive difficulty of modern games, or even hardcore players of a niche genre, we can appeal to players that have been traditionally ignored by the big publishers and developers.

We don't make a specific kind of game. In fact, we enjoy pursuing many diverse projects. Our first three projects include a small, casual market puzzle game, an action oriented 3D space fighter arcade game, and an on-line multiplayer space adventure RPG. The important thing is that whatever we're working on needs to be fun to develop -- we left our day jobs to avoid the senseless grind, not just give it a different name.

Our games will compete on experience, not sheer size of content and complexity -- we'll leave that up to the 60 person teams with 4 year development schedules. In fact, if given the choice, we'll take the catharsis of shipping several small products a year over the hellish nightmare of crunching for four years to make something huge that'll land in the bargain bin four weeks after release.

Feel free to post on our forums if you have questions, comments, or suggestions.



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